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At EEQUS we are a team of individuals with a passion for excellence to transform mindset through positive thinking.

We truly believe in the transformative power of thinking and fine tuning abilities to simplify communications, elevating experiences, engage and inspire people to perform and standout. Good thinking and confidence comes from collaboration and our programs are aimed to spread the aroma through creative and interactive workshops.


Our Team

Mrs. Nisha Datta

Mrs Nisha Datta is a thought-leader, seasoned professional with high work ethics and internationally certified trainer. She is responsible for the strategy, development and operations of EEQUS. An expert in People Management, aiming to equip people with key skills and etiquettes to succeed in career and life. An adapt individual to help individuals accelerate their development and find solutions.

Trained in Sydney, Australia and she brings in a vast experience in Personality Development, Coaching and International Business.

Areas of Expertise: Business Etiquette |Executive coaching |Fine dining |International Business |Interpersonal Skills |Negotiation skills |Personality Development |Presentation skills |Student Coaching |Team Building| Time Management |

Email: nisha@eequs.com


Datta Chikkanna

Datta Chikkanna is a specialist in career and student coaching. His expertise lies in providing support to find a right balance between work and life that truly fits; assisting you make informed decisions. With a solid background in coaching, Datta will make the daunting prospect of change, a positive and inspiring one.

With expertise of working with leading companies round the globe, he has been actively involved in mentoring and coaching people for the last decade.

An expert in Relationship and People Management aiming to make this world a better place to live with positive thinking. A devout family man, his interest extends beyond mentoring people and is a volunteer in various NGO’s.

Areas of Expertise: Body Language |Business Etiquette| Confidence Building |Executive coaching |Executive Training |Global Professional |International Business |Interpersonal Skills |Presentation skills |Presentations |Training Programs |


A world full of happy, loving, purposeful people.

Our Vision

Our Mission

At EEQUS we are a team of individuals with a passion for excellence and to transform mindset through positive thinking.

To spread positive thinking, build confidence through life coaching and create public awareness. Inspire the lives of those around us, to create a positive vibe of togetherness and self ability.

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