‘A teacher is one who teaches, a master is one who is’ –Osho

There is a clear difference between a teacher and a master. A teacher may not be a master. And a master may falter in being a teacher.

Greetings to the teaching community. Welcome to the noblest pursuit of human endeavour. To be a teacher you need to have certain virtues, these will breach the walls that may threaten you.

All these virtues need to be practised by you, lest you become a source of discord. There are a ready ‘ kit’ of facts that will equip you in becoming an accomplished teacher. Let us duly introspect in enabling ourselves.

You know ‘what’ to teach, but ‘how’ are you planning to do it? EEQUS programs helps you identify and upgrade your potential to execute better.

Mere knowledge does not suffice to be a good teacher. It is like having a ‘ rich larder’. Your job consists in churning out the recipe that suits the palate.

  • Language to be simple. Bombastic words, large volley of technical words should be avoided. It is difficult to be simple, but it is best. Don’t go overboard, lest you will have to bear disgruntled set of pupils;
  • Don’t brag about your accomplishments; let your personality and skills be your scorecard. I am sure you will be a source of ‘ awe’;
  • Do you relish a plate of bland food? I am sure that it is a ‘ no’ for an answer. Relish your class with humour and wit. This will elevate the ambience. Develop a sense of humour; it is good for your system;
  • Are you moody? Please overcome it. Empoweryour mind and spruce your personality. Your warmth and smiles will travel miles in ushering positivity .Henceforth, do not enter or start your class with frowns and furrows on your brows. This will dampen the charm of teaching;
  • Do you love a few of your pupils more than others? This is not fair at all, a folly to mend. Pupils will not accept this factor, nothing can escape their eyes. Be fair to all;
  • Have you upgraded your subject? Let your knowledge be consistently upgraded. A teacher is an endless seeker. Keep it in mind. Lest he/ she termed as outdated;
  • Are you loud to reprimand? A good teacher should be loud in appreciation and mild in rebuke. All of us like to be appreciated, be generous. Accept them in order to be cherished;
  • Learn to accept the heterogeneous aspects of pupils. All are not moulded by the same mould. Circumstances have designed each pupil in its own design. We have to fill goodness in them, so they grow up with confidence and right values to take up the mission destined.

A teacher’s personality has a host of answers to the pupils.


These are the strengthening chords that you need to possess, before you begin your mission.

By Subhashini Rao
Subhashini Rao is a prolific writer, teacher, and mentor from Bangalore, India. She has been writing since 1994 and coaching students through her articles and 1:1 sessions. She works as a freelance writer and Inspirational speaker.
She can be reached at subhashini.gokula@gmail.com